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Ticks are small, blood-feeding parasites that carry dangerous diseases including babesiosis, rocky mountain fever, or lyme diseases. They are able to survive in winter temperatures below 32 degrees and normally wait days, sometimes even weeks for a potential host to suck blood from.

These creatures are tiny and are potentially crawling around your home right now, waiting to attack when you, your family, and your pets least expect it.

Here are signs if you have flea activity in your house:

  • Pet’s Scratching – If you notice your pets begin to scratch and groom themselves, they have may have some ticks or fleas on their skin. They scratch themselves as it’s causing discomfort in their skin, as these pests are feeding off your pet’s blood
  • Itchy Areas on Your Skin – If you notice itchy areas, similar to mosquito bites, you may have been bitted by a flea or tick. You will see a pink spot where the area of irritation has occurred. Although it could be any bug, if happened regularly you should consult with a Tick & Flea Extermination and Removal Expert.
  • Tick or Flea Feces -Tick and Fleas excrete feces everywhere. Usually, they look like a small grounded black pepper. Usually seen in pet beds, carpet, rugs, and other areas where your animal hangs around the most.

As over 30,000 cases of tick-related diseases are reported each year, finding the Best Tick & Flea Removal and Extermination Services in Miami, Florida is crucial if you want to keep your family healthy throughout the year.

What To Expect From Trinity Tick & Flea Removal and Extermination Services:

  1. Effective Tick & Flea Removal and Extermination begins with a thorough inspection of your property. Identifying potential tick or flea activity such as ornamental plants, tall grass, cracks in the floor, carpet, and bedding.
  2. Trinity Pest Professionals design a customized plan that targets the issues found at your house. Pet safe pest control at www.naturalcarepestcontrol.com is the most trusted in Texas. Eradicating all areas that have signs of flea or tick infestation such as:
    1. Adjusting your outdoor space to be less tick-friendly
    2. Filling cracks and crevices in hard-to-reach areas
  3. Through our pest control maintenance, we fortify your house, keeping insects and rodents out
    1. Applying granular and liquid repellant treatments to windows, doors, and around the house
  4. After Pest extermination, we provide a detailed report of our services and recommendations for scheduling annual or season preventative tick and flea removal and extermination services. Trinity Pest Solutions always stays in touch between our visits, responding to any immediate issues.

If you have a flea or tick problem in your home, contact your Trinity Pest Solutions specialist in Miami Florida immediately. They will inspect your property thoroughly and present the best solution for your house. Providing your flea and tick treatments that will remove and exterminate them in your house. While helping you create a barrier in your home, so future ticks will not be able to harm you, your family, or your pets.


Why Choose Trinity Pest Solutions - Full Service Pest Control Services in Miami ?

Why Choose Trinity Pest Solutions Pest Control Services in Miami ?

Following an initial inspection, Trinity Pest Solutions recommends only the necessary and most appropriate services that eliminate pest problems and provide lasting peace of mind. Each of our programs is provided with a written guarantee and recommendations to avoid any recurrence.

The Safety of Pesticides

We are committed to providing pest control solutions that are highly effective yet safe for the environment and all occupants of your South Florida property. Our specially formulated products have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and applied by fully trained and qualified technicians

Pest Control Treatment Plans

Results will vary according to the precise characteristics of your pest problem. Your property layout, the products used, and the unique characteristics of your pest problem are factored into a customized pest control plan that provides effective results. Call us for a detailed consultation and a free estimate.


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