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Native to South and Central America, Iguanas have migrated and become popular pests here in Miami, Florida. As these animals can be difficult to take care of, they are often released to the wild by their owner. This has created an overpopulation of these animals and it affects both homes and businesses throughout.

Iguanas create burrows along walls and sidewalks that create structural damage and often making them collapse. They can climb on roofs, buildings, trees and hide near water making it hard to catch and release.

This can cause major issues if you own apartment complexes, schools, commercial buildings, or resorts. Before they cause too much disturbance and damage to your customers and reputation, having an Iguana Control and Removal expert is crucial to keeping your area safe and clean.

Here is what we do:

1. Assess & Inspect

Iguanas usually don’t enter buildings. However, they do trespass around the vicinity of your building. This can cause issues for people walking by and potential customers.

During mating season, they are more aggressive to their territory making them more likely to attack, claw, and tail whip people that walk nearby.

They construct burrows where they develop their offspring that can cause landscape destruction and structural damage.

As they can breed over 70+ eggs annually, finding these burrows is crucial to the safety of your property. When they begin to breed, they scour for more food and your water sources may be contaminated with their feces.

Identifying what stages and periods they are crucial to prevent additional damages that could occur when we begin to trap, capture, and remove.

2. Implement

After the inspection and assessment of your situation are complete, your Trinity Pest Solutions specialist will present you with iguana treatment options and recommend the best solution to solve your Iguana problem.

Treatment plans include whether the Iguana has babies or eggs in the burrows, where they are located, and how much damage they have caused.

As Iguanas carry salmonella and other harmful diseases, the longer you have them around your building, the higher chances that your employees and frequent customers will get sick.

If Iguanas show around your school, that can be a serious health risk to all your students.

By using fair and humane methods, our iguana catch and prevention experts with trap or hand catch all of your iguanas around the vicinity of your building and safely remove them.

3. Monitor and Follow-Up

Getting rid of Iguanas is only the first step.

We help you eliminate future iguanas and pests that may come by your property, resort, school, or commercial building, ensuring that you and your pets can roam free and have peace of mind.

By eliminating their access to vegetation, wrapping metal sheet guards on your tree to prevent climbing, and other various iguana repellant options to keep your employees, customers, and students safe from these pests.

If you have an iguana infestation in your home or business, contact your Trinity Pest Solutions specialist in Miami Florida immediately. They will inspect your yard and lawn thoroughly and present the best solution for your property. Providing your fair and humane iguana treatments to iguana solutions, exterminate your iguana problems today.

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Why Choose Trinity Pest Solutions - Full Service Pest Control Services in Miami ?

Why Choose Trinity Pest Solutions Pest Control Services in Miami ?

Following an initial inspection, Trinity Pest Solutions recommends only the necessary and most appropriate services that eliminate pest problems and provide lasting peace of mind. Each of our programs is provided with a written guarantee and recommendations to avoid any recurrence.

The Safety of Pesticides

We are committed to providing pest control solutions that are highly effective yet safe for the environment and all occupants of your South Florida property. Our specially formulated products have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and applied by fully trained and qualified technicians

Pest Control Treatment Plans

Results will vary according to the precise characteristics of your pest problem. Your property layout, the products used, and the unique characteristics of your pest problem are factored into a customized pest control plan that provides effective results. Call us for a detailed consultation and a free estimate.


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