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Servicing all Miami-Dade County and South Florida

Trinity Pest Solutions uses advanced solutions for pest control in both residential and commercial properties. We guarantee you will receive the highest level of pest control and prevention service.

Using the latest technology and environmentally safe products, we guarantee that your home or office will become pest-free within the shortest time possible and stay pest free.

With our comprehensive services, Miami buildings are pest-proofed from the outside. Pests enter buildings through access points such as tiny cracks in the walls, microscopic spaces around the windows or the doors, as well as through vents or sewers. When these spaces are sealed properly, pests can no longer enter the building, and which allows us to then treat the interior of the building. Once we have eliminated your pest problem, we will leave an environmentally friendly barrier around the perimeter of your property to keep them away.

Trinity Pest Solutions

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Emergency Services Available 24/7, Including Weekends & Holidays

Why Choose Trinity Pest Solutions - Full Service Pest Control Services in Miami ?

Why Choose Trinity Pest Solutions Pest Control Services in Miami ?

Following an initial inspection, Trinity Pest Solutions recommends only the necessary and most appropriate services that eliminate pest problems and provide lasting peace of mind. Each of our programs is provided with a written guarantee and recommendations to avoid any recurrence.

The Safety of Pesticides

We are committed to providing pest control solutions that are highly effective yet safe for the environment and all occupants of your South Florida property. Our specially formulated products have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and applied by fully trained and qualified technicians

Pest Control Treatment Plans

Results will vary according to the precise characteristics of your pest problem. Your property layout, the products used, and the unique characteristics of your pest problem are factored into a customized pest control plan that provides effective results. Call us for a detailed consultation and a free estimate.


  • Commercial Pest Control
  • Residential Pest Control
  • Green Pest Control
  • Animal Removal
  • Same day service
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